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Father Don Juan was born and raised in Oakland CA. He spent his high school years in Dallas TX, returning to Oakland after graduating. He began playing with turntables at the age of 5, and picked up the mic as an emcee around the age of 14. 


His influences span from funk, reggae, r&b, soul, blue, jazz, and the golden age of hip-hop, seeing as he was born in 1985, all the way through to California and Texas’s peaks in mid 90’s to early 2000s hip-hop .


He works closely with The Trillest DJ, and pushes the “TEXAFORNIA” trill sound which is unique to him and his delivery based on his journey as an artist, and a person in general. 

Hes also the founder of the influential and growing "Lamp Lyfe" way of living; (Love Always Makes Peace, Living Young For Eternity.)

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